Critic's Choice M Magazine March 22 - Sydney Morning Herald

Critic's Choice M Magazine March 22 - Sydney Morning Herald

Critic's Choice M Magazine March 22 - Sydney Morning Herald

Posted: 20 Mar 2020 10:02 PM PDT

The Blacklist

The BlacklistCredit:


Series return ★★★½

Tuesday, 9.30pm, 7Two

Only an actor of the calibre of James Spader could pull off the extreme close-up with which his enigmatic US Navy officer turned uber-crook, Raymond "Red" Reddington begins this seventh season of this sophisticated action thriller. The predicament in which Red finds himself after the cliffhanger end of the previous chapter, tests his superior powers of escape. There's much recapping for the intrigued newcomer.





Sunday, 8.30pm, ABC

It's hard to resist a lump in the throat when vans of protesters appear through the red dust surrounding the Barton Detention Centre. Their presence, though passionate, seems despairingly feeble against the bureaucratic machine keeping the asylum seekers behind razor wire. There is imagery here as powerful as the script that says so much in the silences. Along with the children's irrepressible pursuit of play, it is the old man sitting every day with his packed suitcase that is most haunting.

Cosmos: Possible Worlds

Cosmos: Possible WorldsCredit:



Monday, March 23, 8.30pm, NatGeo

Tonight's episode of this terrific series deals with the formation of life on Earth and – like every episode of this new instalment in the Cosmos franchise – despite Neil deGrasse Tyson's best efforts, it does make your eyes spin around in your head somewhat. In a good way. Like its predecessors, this is tremendously accessible and entertaining without ever skimping on hard science, or details about the fabulous characters of the scientific world. I also vastly prefer the chunky animations used here to lame re-enactments. MH

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