Monti Kids’ Zahra Kassam’s Mom Essentials Include Hand Cream She’s Had Since College - SheKnows

Monti Kids’ Zahra Kassam’s Mom Essentials Include Hand Cream She’s Had Since College - SheKnows

Monti Kids’ Zahra Kassam’s Mom Essentials Include Hand Cream She’s Had Since College - SheKnows

Posted: 23 Jun 2020 10:19 PM PDT

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Zahra Kassam is more than just a Harvard grad, a Montessori teacher, a Shark Tank contestant (Kassam told Conscious Company Media that being on the show was "more painful than childbirth" and we believe her), a famous TED Talk speaker on early childhood education, and the entrepreneurial founder of Monti Kids. She's also, of course, a crazed mom of two boys who is raising her kids to love hip hop and reggae — and just wants to find a break for some solo meditation. Is that so much to ask? For plenty of us busy working moms, that's a definite yes, but Kassam manages to meditate on a daily basis, and she also finds time for reading, dance parties, a liiiitle educational TV, and daily toddler massages with her youngest.

How? A few of these hacks ahead sure help. We got Kassam to spill her favorite mom recs and products — from podcasts to skincare — that make her frenzied working-parent days a little less hectic. Or, you know, at least a bit more fun.

The podcast I'm currently listening to on repeat

"I'm a self-improvement junkie, so I really like the Mindvalley podcast, which is all about personal growth. I'm also unreasonably excited for Brene Brown's new podcast to launch soon!"

The books my kids are obsessed with

"Zayd, my two-year-old, is obsessed with a board book called At the Supermarket, about a boy who goes grocery shopping with his mother for all the staples and ingredients for a birthday cake, which they make together at the end. I love books he can really relate to. My seven-year-old, Musa is really into the book I'm currently reading to him at bedtime called Crenshaw. It's about a boy his age whose family faces some hard times and ends up living in their car. It's funny and lighthearted while serving up a big dose of empathy and gratitude."

The books I'm reading myself

"In the Flo by Alisa Vitti is changing my life. It's about how women can sync their nutrition, work activities, exercise and sex life to their hormonal cycle to accomplish more with way less stress and less energy depletion. She talks about how men have a 24-hour energy cycle, and our whole society is based on that, whereas women have a 28-day energy cycle, and if we reclaim that, we can dramatically improve our lives."

The snacks I always keep on hand for the kids

"I try to give them whole foods as much as possible. Dried mangos and cashews are their favorite snack. Delicious, nutritious, and keeps them regular!"

The beauty product that's always in my bag

"I love L'Occitane intensive hand balm and apply it several times throughout the day. I've been using it since college and my husband is always commenting on how soft my hands are."

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✨ How do you inspire your child to dream big? I was recently asked this question in an interview with Thrive Global. ⁣ ⁣ 👦 👶 The thing is: Montessori education is about helping children find their talents, gifts, interests and whatever dreams flow naturally from those. It's about supporting children to follow their unique path of development which leads to their unique path in life. ⁣ ⁣ For that reason, I'm not particularly concerned with getting my children to dream big, because I don't think it's my place to judge their dreams. If they choose to live very simple lives, I will support them. ⁣ ⁣ 🌎 The world needs some people who have chosen simple lives, and some people need simple lives in order to be happy. ⁣ ⁣ 💛 That being said, I do actively observe my children's curiosities and interests and aim to encourage those. For example, my son Musa loves art, so we have lots of great art supplies at home. Nurturing those buds of curiosity is what helps them flower into dreams. 🌷⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #Parenting #Family #FamilyIsEverything #Momprenuer #MomBoss #CEO #FemaleFounder #Entrepreneur #MomLife #GrowthMindset #Grateful #Gratitude #Inspire #Inspiration #Growth #Journey #Love #MotherhoodUnplugged #MomsofInstagram #LessonsLearned #LifeLessons #BePresent #MomentsLikeThis ⁣#Montessori #MontessoriFromBirth

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The apps that make my life as a parent easier

"I use Simple Habit for guided meditations. I'm trying to meditate more regularly, and since it's hard to do first thing in the morning with kids, I schedule time to meditate right when I get to the office. I find my day goes better when I give myself this little gift."

The parenting accounts I love to follow on Instagram

"I love @the.holistic.psychologist. It's not solely related to parenting, but it helps me be a better version of myself. And that definitely makes me a better parent."

The toy that keeps my kids occupied for hours

"Play Doh! Both my kids love Play Doh. It provides such a great sensory experience and allows them to be really creative. Zayd loves mixing the colors to see how they change, and Musa loves creating mini basketball courts."

The TV shows I actually enjoy watching with my kids

"I try to limit screen time, but when we do watch TV, Daniel Tiger is the best! It's inspired by Mr. Rogers, who I grew up watching. I have learned how to be a better parent from watching his tiger parents in action, and I use their songs to help my kids through difficult moments."

The kid-friendly music I don't hate playing around the house

"We have lots of dance parties at my house. It's great when things are going south and we all need to shake off some difficult feelings. Luckily, my kids love my regular music, so we dance to hip hop, reggae, Indian, African and Arabic music."

My favorite subscriptions for the kids

"We get National Geographic Kids magazines for Musa, and we both learn so much from reading those and doing the activities. Zayd is still subscribed to Monti Kids. As the founder of the company, it is so rewarding to see him joyful and learning when he plays with the toys we designed."

My top picks for kid bath time and skincare

"My favorite bath product is Burt's Bees apricot massage oil. I give Zayd a massage every night after his bath and it's become part of our routine that helps him calm down and know it's time for bed. It's especially helpful when we're traveling and his routines are disrupted, but we can stick to this one."

How I keep my mom wardrobe on point

"Aritzia is my favorite! Plus I grew up in Vancouver, Canada, so I feel proud watching one of our local brands spread all over the US."

Zahra Kassam Monti Kids

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